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Nafisa Tejpar, MD, FACS
Specialist in Breast Cancer Surgery & Evaluation

Committed to excellence in your healthcare


Knowledge is power. Educating yourself about breast cancer, breast disease, breast surgery and all treatment options empowers you as a patient and allows you to discuss options with your physician. Below are links to articles on various reputable web sites about breast cancer, breast surgery, benign breast disease, testing, treatment and emotional support. These articles are educational only and are not a substitute for consulting with your physician. For any lump, discharge, soreness or other changes in your breast, see a physician immediately. Finding a breast surgeon you can trust is essential.

Mammograms | Breast Cancer/Benign Breast Disease  |   Radiation & Treatment   |   Coping & Support   | Family & Friends |  Pathology Report  |  Stages |    Genetic Testing  

Articles on This and Other Sites:

The Mammogram Screening Guidelines Controversy (and my recommendation)

Breast Cancer & Benign Breast Disease:

Benign Breast Disease (American Cancer Society) A lump or discharge does not automatically mean cancer, but should always be evaluated by a physician. Descriptions of some common benign conditions

Nipple Discharge (Imaginis)

Detailed Guide: Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society) Reviews surgeries and treatment.

MALE Breast Cancer: Detailed Guide (American Cancer Society) Descriptions of diagnosis, surgery and other treatment.

Breast Biopsies (More coming soon!)

For a brief overview of breast biopsy, click here
Radioactive Seed Localization of Breast Cancer (as seen in The Orlando Sentinel)

Your Pathology Report:

Your Guide to the Breast Cancer Pathology Report (BreastCancer.org : Download this free brochure that helps you understand your pathology report.
        En español: Tu Guía para el informe patológico del cáncer de mama(BreastCancer.Org) Puede discargar un foleto que explique los partes del reporte patológico.

Genetic Testing :

Genetic Testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2: It's Your Choice (National Cancer Institute) Information on genetic factors, making the decision to test or not test, and understanding test reports.
Information on obtaining testing from Myriad Tests

Stages of Breast Cancer:

How is Breast Cancer Staged? Explanation of the differences and refinements in stages of breast cancer

Radiation Options and Other Treatment for Breast Cancer:

Partial Breast Irradiation
Traditional Radiation Therapy and Mammosite Targeted Therapy
MammoSite RTS Patient Brochure - English
(Download brochure on 5-day treatment option)

MammoSite RTS Patient Brochure - Spanish
Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI): A Shorter Path to Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy

Nipple Saving Mastectomy

Coping and Support When You Have Breast Cancer:

Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Support Group     Florida Hospital Cancer Institute has several support groups for women with breast cancer of any stage.
There are support groups at Orlando Health and other area hospitals.

Managing Breast Cancer Fears (breastcare.org) Also has links to articles on common fears, the stages of fear after diagnosis and 10 ways to help manage your fear after diagnosis. También en español: Cómo controlar el temor al cáncer de mama

Coping with Fear When Diagnosed with Breast Cancer (breastcare.org) 10 ways to manage fears when diagnosed.

Free Counseling 24 hours a day from CancerCare.org
No matter where you live in the country, a toll-free call to CancerCare’s 800-number puts you in touch with a professional oncology social worker who can help answer your questions about coping with cancer. Telephone counseling is free, confidential, and conveniently allows you to set up a time to speak with your social worker. Call 1-800-813-HOPE (4673) to get help

Spouse/Partner, Family, Children and Friends:

When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer Suggestions for support .

What Is Happening to the Woman I Love? Download a free booklet on couples and breast cancer.

Your "Honey-Do List" When Your Spouse/Partner Has Breast Cancer Suggestions for support.

What If Husbands Had a GPS to Help Wives with Breast Cancer? Humorous, but practical ways journalist husband made mistakes with "recalculate" suggestions to do it better.Although this is a short article, he also wrote a book called Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) Through Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond. (Although it is written as husbands and wives, it seems that it could be helpful for same gender couples and anyone supporting a loved one.)

Husbands: 10 ways to be there Suggestions for support when your partner has breast cancer

Suggestions for Family and Friends Suggestions to support someone you love .

Talking to Young Children About Breast Cancer There is another article on the same topic here.
Talking to Older Children About Breast Cancer Tips to tell and reassure them.


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