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Dr. Nafisa A. Tejpar
Orlando , FL 32804

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Nafisa Tejpar,MD, FACS
Specialist in Breast Cancer Surgery & Evaluation

Committed to excellence in your healthcare

Breast Cancer Surgery & Evaluation, Orlando

NAFISA A. TEJPAR, MD, FACS*       (What does FACS mean?)

With over 25 years of providing quality healthcare in the Orlando area, Dr. Tejpar brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience to each of her patients. She is regarded as one of the top breast surgeons in Central Florida.

Dr. Tejpar was one of the first surgeons in this area to use minimally-invasive procedures like sentinel node biopsies and nipple-saving mastectomies. Although she eventually devoted her practice exclusively to breast cancer diagnosis and surgery, earlier in her career she was one of the local pioneers in minimally laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and other patient-friendly surgical procedures. She believes in offering her patients the best options that she can and stays current with recent advances in surgery.

Dr. Tejpar was one of only a few breast surgeons in Orlando to do a procedure that allows some patients with breast cancer to receive targeted radiation in only 5 days versus the standard 6-7 weeks. (Mammosite RTS). In July, 2007 she also became one of only two breast cancer surgeons in Orlando to obtain Ultrasound Certification by the American Society of Breast Surgeons to promote even greater competence and quality for performance, interpretation of ultrasound for diagnosis, and use for various ultrasound-guided procedures.

When appropriate, Dr. Tejpar sometimes used radioactive seed localization for small hard-to-find tumors to minimize discomfort for the patient and to increase the probability of obtaining 'clean margins' for small cancers in order to prevent a second surgery.

For women who need a mastectomy with tumors that are not near the nipple, Dr. Tejpar performed the newer technique of nipple-sparing mastectomies when possible. A plastic surgeon joins the surgery to provide immediate reconstruction in the same surgery when possible.

Dr. Tejpar believed from a very young age that she would become a physician. Living with her father who was a surgeon and being around several other relatives who were also physicians, she grew up learning first hand that medicine is a commitment to using one's knowledge, skills and care to improve the life of others -- and in that process, it is a way to contribute to a better world for all people.

Although Dr. Tejpar is retiring from her office practice, she still loves medicine. Her passion is to provide the best possible care she can to each of her patients.

Dr. Tejpar graduated from Dow Medical College in Karachi and did her residencies at New York University Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City before coming to Central Florida. She is a board-certified surgeon, has been re-certified as a Diplomate by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. For many years she had a full general surgery practice, but began focusing 80% of her practice on breast cancer surgery and evaluation. Now, her entire practice is devoted to breast evaluation and breast cancer surgery.

Dr. Tejpar has been a medical advisor for the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute's Breast Care Community Board for many years. Although she always maintained an independent practice, she was always listed as one of the breast cancer surgeons for the Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Institute. She is also a member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the American Association of Women Surgeons, the Florida Medical Association and the Orange County Medical Society.


What does FACS after her name mean?

FACS means that Dr. Tejpar is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Achieving Fellowship in the College is a further indication of a surgeon's qualifications after board-certification in surgery. To become a Fellow, surgeons must pass a comprehensive examination and rigorous evaluation of their knowledge and skills, based on national standards that have been established to ensure the best possible surgical care for patients. Fellows of the College must also demonstrate commitment to high standards of ethical conduct. Some of those standards include placing the welfare of her patients above any other consideration, refraining from performing unjustified operations, and much more. Dr. Tejpar is very committed to ethical healthcare.

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