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Nafisa Tejpar, MD, FACS
Specialist in Breast Cancer Surgery & Evaluation     

Committed to excellence in your healthcare


Breast Cancer Information

You might be confused about contradicting recommendations about mammogram screening.

Or, you might have already been told that you need to see a surgeon for a breast biopsy or possible surgery -- which can feel terrifying. It can feel like everything is out of control. Sometimes the problem is benign and sometimes it is not.

Knowledge is power. Knowing how to choose an experienced and specialized surgeon, learning some of the new treatments available, or learning about other tests or procedures are important to help YOU make good decisions for YOU.


• Tips on How to Choose a Breast Cancer Surgeon for Breast Biopsy, Second Opinion or Breast Cancer Surgery -- and why you need to know them.


• Response to Guidelines for Mammogram Screenings 2015

• Benign Breast Disease and Breast Cancer

• Breast Biopsies


• Breast Cancer Surgery and Surgical Procedures

• Radioactive Seed Localization for Small Tumor Removal
as seen in The Orlando Sentinel.

Mammosite: Some Women Can Have Radiation for 5 Days Instead of 6 weeks

(You can also download a Brochure on Mammosite Targeted Radiation Therapy from the Radiation Therapy article.) (Tambien puede obtener el Folleto Sobre Mammosite Radioterapia Dirigida en español desde la pagina con este articulo )

• Nipple Saving (also called Nipple Sparing) Mastectomy

YouTube Videos with Dr. Tejpar:

Dr. Tejpar did an interview with Hiba Hamrani of the Orlando Chapter of the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce for Breast Cancer Awareness. Below are short clips on a variety of topics.

• Rate, Causes & Risk Factors for Breast Cancer (2min 17 sec.)

• Symptoms of Breast Cancer (52 sec.)

• Detecting of Breast Cancer (1 min 16 sec.) This includes info on self exam and biopsies.

• Basic Types of Breast Cancer (56 sec.) Overview of basic types. (Some types have a variety of sub-types, but this is just simple overview of the major categories.)

• Basic Stages of Breast Cancer (1 min.) This is an overview of the main stages. Your pathology report will give much more detail about various factors that affect the stage and the recommended treatment.

• Surgical Options for Breast Cancer (1 min 31sec.)




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